Start Living Sustainably, 
Discover Eco-Friendly Solutions

Embrace sustainable living with our eco-conscious products and solutions. Eco Agora is your one-stop shop for all things eco-friendly; we feature products that are made out of sustainable materials, products that encourage sustainable self-reliance, and technology that will help propel you into a greener tomorrow. Explore the future with us!

Our Eco-Friendly Selections Include

Arrangement of various eco friendly toiletries in bathroom

Bamboo Products

Furniture, cookware, bath, and other everyday items made with bamboo materials.

Modern solar power station in countryside

Solar Solutions

Outdoor or indoor lighting, portable solar panels, solar powered batteries, and other solar powered gadgets.

Strawberries being Grown with a Pipe


Grow your own food and herbs with greenhouses, gardening tools, seeds, hydroponic supplies, and more.

Photo of Woman Wearing Black Dress Near Bamboo Trees

Sustainable Fashion

Dress with style with our eco-friendly jewelry and clothing options, made with sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo fibers, and recycled materials.

Content African American female artisan with jar of wax flakes looking away while creating candles in modern workshop in light room

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Stop buying harmful cleaning supplies that come in wasteful plastic bottles, and opt for safe and more sustainable re-fillable packets instead. 

Transport Alternatives

Ditch the gridlock and travel green with our transportation alternatives such as bikes, e-bikes, scooters, and more!

Envisioning a "Solar Punk" Future

In modern media today, the future is often envisioned as one of a dystopian, "cyber-punk" reality full of oppression and killer robots. We'd prefer to envision and manifest a different path; a future where nature and technology coexist harmoniously, with full integration of renewable energy sources, eco-friendly urban design, and community-focused living.

Sell With Us

Do you have an eco-friendly or handmade product? Sell with us! One of our main goals at Eco Agora is to support other small businesses and work together to create a network in which we replace traditional and wasteful consumerism with one that encourages more sustainable thinking. Let’s work together to change the world of consumerism.